The Fight Against HIV

symbol of the fight against aids

The Fight Against AIDS/HIV Starts with You

Remember that being responsible is the key when it comes preventing HIV. It starts with you. If you know anyone who has HIV, encourage him/her to visit one of these organization to receive proper HIV testing. Only then, he or she can receive professional help.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Kaiser Family Foundation is focusing on major health issues including HIV and AIDS. They helped many victims of this deadly disease by giving free counseling. The foundation is active in giving out resources to families and communities. They also watch over how the government deals with the issue.


The foundation has partnered with United Nations Systems and other government organizations in preventing the spread of HIV. It was established in 1994 since the increasing numbers of HIV was reported. Today, they unite the efforts of about 80 countries in the world to support the cause.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC focuses on overall wellness of the people. They have been providing resources and helpful information to raise awareness the increasing numbers of HIV victims. CDC gives support and counseling to anyone who comes to them for help. Their organization doesn’t only focuses on AIDS/HIV but also other deadly diseases that can result to death.

AIDS United

It was established in 1988 and has been operation for two decades now. Their goal is to end HIV/AIDS in America. The organization has received generous donations approximately amounting to $117 million which they used to build facilities, buy equipments, and free access to tests and treatment.