Staying Optimistic Even with HIV

Removing negative thoughts like insecurities and worries from your mind because of being HIV positive may not be as easy as routing out a broken or unwanted part of your woodworking project. It may not be as easy as trying to choose log splitters to “cut away” the unnecessary virus from your health.

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But staying positive is not something that can’t be accomplished, especially if you follow the tips we’ll be discussing below. Remember, the fact that you have HIV shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your current or future relationships.

Tip #1: Talk to your physician.


Your doctor is an excellent source of optimism after learning you have HIV. Doctors can help you manage the virus, and they’ll also suggest ways to cope with your diagnosis.

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. List them the things you want to know about and ask right away if possible or at your next appointment.

You may also want to take a family member or a friend with you to help you take notes and recall the words that your physician said.

If you don’t know what to ask your doctor, you may start by asking him/her about the support available for managing your HIV.

Tip #2: Speak with a therapist.

Doctors usually have limited time to offer, and most of the questions you have for them should almost always be a medical concern. If you need assistance to cope with your diagnosis emotionally and mentally, talk to a therapist. It’s just like asking the help of a review guide when you’re choosing a splitting maul for your first DIY project. Counselors, psychologists, and therapists are trained to help you choose the healthy and more positive method of dealing with your diagnosis.

They can provide you with specific techniques that will maintain your optimistic attitude. They can help you deal with stress, confused feelings, and the anxiety that comes along with an HIV diagnosis.

Tip #3: Tell your closest friends.


It could be challenging to share the diagnosis with your friend, but you can think of it as a way of removing a thorn from your life. However, this isn’t a must. You may have a fear of gossip and rejection, even bullying by telling people, and if that is a big deal for you, then you don’t have to do it.

Telling your friends isn’t as easy as sharing them about a new-found tool you have. It’s not as easy as sharing some good news. It’s not as easy as promoting an idea or a company. This is more serious and more sensitive. Should you choose to follow this step, be sure, you only tell the friends you trust the most. Telling them can help you stay positive because they can be your support group. They can help you live a healthier lifestyle, they can go with you in your activities, and they can give you the motivation to go on with life.

Coping up may be a lot easier if you have friends to talk to. They can listen to you when you’re feeling down, or simply sit down with you and just be with you until you feel okay again.


These tips may or may not work for you, so remember to do the things that will make you more optimistic in life. Don’t give up. Find your happy pill, climb that mountain, and enjoy the little things.